Thong Bikinis Make for Daring Summer Beachwear

Which Bikini designer do you like the best for thong bikinis?

The bikini has been amazingly and persistently popular ever since its creation in 1946. Originally, the entire idea of a two-piece bathing suit was highly daring. It’s been more than a few years since then, though, and today bikinis are more or less acceptable in any environment that calls for swimwear. When it comes to “less acceptable” and “more daring,” there are still some styles that push the edge. Thong bikinis are there on the outer edge of the envelope for those women who know they look great and want to show it off.

Thong bikinis make a great swimwear option for the confident woman who doesn’t have anything to hide. They’re extremely comfortable (in all but the most extreme styles) and make it incredibly easy to avoid lines when tanning. Of course, they’re also a great way to make a dramatic impact and turn some heads in virtually any sort of public gathering.

When you hear the words “thong bikini,” it’s natural for your mind to jump immediately to total rear-end exposure. You need to keep in mind that there are many different styles to consider, even with garments as skimpy as thong bikinis. If you don’t feel like exposing too much of your behind, there are several styles that offer a little more coverage. I like thong bikinis by Berrydog. That’s definitely one of my favorites.

Bikinis that feature more than a simple thong in the rear are known by several names, and the different terms indicate subtle differences in coverage. Where the standard thong features minimal fabric in the rear, a “g-string” bikini bottom has a triangular panel connecting the front piece to the waist in the rear. This can provide a touch of extra concealment without being conservative.thong bikinis are popular

There are also thong bikinis that feature much greater rear coverage. “Tanga” bikini bottoms usually feature ample fabric in the rear panel, which can be perfect for flattering your figure. There’s also a compromise at the midpoint between ordinary bikini bottoms and thongs: The “cheeky” style has fairly robust coverage around the sides but leaves the lower half of the buttocks exposed. “Cheeky” bottoms give you plenty of coverage in the rear while still being extremely daring.

One great thing about the thong bikini is its terrific flexibility. Although all of the style options outlined above call for different kinds of bottoms, each one can be matched to many different styles of bikini top. Of course, as common sense would suggest, thong bottoms go best with scantier, more revealing tops. Women who feel like experimenting can even mix and match pieces from different bikinis to create an especially striking (but still, of course, color-coordinated!) bikini of their own.

If you’ve put in plenty of hard work to make yourself look attractive, a thong bikini can be a great way to display the results of your labors. It might not be the best choice for a self-conscious woman, but for someone who’s ready to turn heads in a positive way, a thong bikini may be just the choice to get the job done.


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